Church of St John the Forerunner

Date of construction: 1998

In 1846 Orthodoxy came to one of the oldest cities of Estonia Viljandi. By the decree of the Holy Synod was opened a new Orthodox parish and the following year a wooden church in the name of Saint John the Forerunner was consecrated. The church was built from rough girders. It was small and stood on a marsh land. In 1960 the old wooden church was disassembled and a vestry room of Saint John Lutheran church was given to the church.

In 1984 the former mortuary was offered to the parish which was reconstructed (under the design of Aili Liik) by the priest Vjacheslav Seliverstov and parishioners. The church became one of the beautiful places of the city.

The church was consecrated by Archbishop Cornelius in 1998.





Address: Mäe 8, 71020 Viljandi


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