Church of St. Nicholas

Date of construction: 5 November 1864

Date of consecration: 1866

The history of the building of churches in Mustvee (Russian name Posad Chorny) begins in the 30s of the XXth century, when two local residents Bolotov and Krasilnikov went to Pskov to Bishop Nafanail (Pavlovsky) with the request to open an Orthodox church in the village. Bishop Nafanail regarded their request very seriously and supplied them with necessary utensils and icons for the iconostas. The church was arranged in Bolotov’s house.

In 1839 a wooden church consecrated in the name of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy of All the Afflicted" was built in the village. The church was built by donations collected by the first priest Alexy Orlov. The church was built in the cemetery and in 1948 it was demolished.

The stone church in the name of Saint Nicholas was built through donations of the government during 1861-1864 to the design of diocesan architect Edelson and was consecrated in 1866.





Address: Tartu tn. 14, 49604 Mustvee, Jogevamaa


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